Legal representative
Tourist Guide and Customer care

Sara Loreto

Sara is very attentive to detail and to the needs of people, her approach is always very empathetic and personal, you can talk with her about anything and gives all of herself to make every travel experience unforgettable.

Proactive and precise as an atomic clock, Sara is the landmark of the Zirlio and with an infectious laugh and a deep passion for discovery of the Region will be able to make you see the wonders of Basilicata with different eyes.


Commercial director
Legal representative and technical director

Francesco Degrazia

Francesco, perfectionist, creative, messy and ‘ who can’t say no ‘ has a strong passion for computers and for the world of programming in particular, a software engineer from 2004, he worked in London at major multinational. “The experience overseas opened my mind a lot, it was great to meet so many different cultures, after a month there I lived with a Pole, an Indian, a Nigerian, a girl from Mongolia, and a Chinese one …

I’ve always dreamt to open a creative firm and Zirlio is all this, I’ve always liked the idea to contribute to a more touristy Tricarico because whenever I brought someone here from abroad has always been fascinated by what here is for us to often granted. Then I met Sara, et voilà: two minds working in unison on the same project… that it is not a trivial matter, I thought.. and here I am.


Tourist guide and technical director
Tourist guide

Giovanni Ricciardi

Giovanni is one of the first tourist guides in Basilicata, the first one to believe in tourism in an area rich in history and traditions.

He practices hiking in protected areas and is the author of several publications related to cultural heritage and tourism, in addition to wine and gastronomy.

He often accompanies photographers and journalists and is a reference point for productions that make movies, video documentaries and television programs in Puglia and Basilicata.

Tourist guide
Tourist guide

Antonella Manzi

Travel Guide from 2008 Antonella was born and resides in Tricarico where she teaches art history at the “High School of Foreign languages and Humanities”.

Scholar and passionate about Lucanian history and traditions, Antonella will plunge you in a time “far, far away” where you can still smell the scents, imagine the costumes and listen to the echoes of the past.

“The thing that fascinates me the most is travelling! Why?! Because I like to know the world, see new things, meet new people! It was precisely this that led me to become a tourist guide!

I love to combine my passion for art and history, it makes me feel dynamic and let me help tourists to know us better.”