Pietrapertosa is a small town of 1063 inhabitants, in the province of Potenza.

With its 1088 m altitude it is the highest village in the region of Basilicata.

Takes its name from the ancient Petraperciata, that means “holed” due to the presence of a rock with holes from side to side. It is built on rocks of the lucanian Dolomites, where the houses are literally clinging; the combination of being a natural fortess with the ability to dominate the Basento valley helped to promote the presence of man since immemorial time.

Pietrapertosa is part of the club of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy. The rocks of Pietrapertosa often take at sunset a characteristic pink color in the same fashion as in Cortina and on the Alto Adige Dolomites.

Castelmezzano counts only 815 inhabitants and offers a fantastic landscape due to the lucanian Dolomites that surround and sustain completely this village.

Over time the rain and wind have carved this sandstone into silhouettes that tradition has given particular names, in fact during certain conditions of light and shadow, the sandstone generates shapes as “the owl’s beak”, “the snapdragon”, “the anvil” and “the golden eagle”.

As Pietrapertosa, Castelmezzano belongs to the most beautiful villages in Italy too.

Even movies and television were enchanted by the territory of this small village: Castelmezzano has been choosen as location for the movie “An almost perfect Country” by Massimo Gaudioso and the television series “This is my Country,” directed by Michele Soavi.

Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano are two little gems sitting opposite to each other on the lucanian Dolomites’ peaks. This unique location allows you to make an incredible experience through the space that separates them: “The angel’s flight”, a rocambolesque flight where you’re going to be hung 500 m above to the woods to a tiny steel cable and speed up at 120 km/h to reach the other end! Just another way to enjoy the fantastic landscape of dolomites with a bit of extra adrenaline.

Other major tourist attractions are the “iron route”, which is a special track designed to climb up the rocks, and the seven stones path which is a walk suitable for all trekkers that love nature.

Pietrapertosa and the Lucan dolomites

Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano with Zirlio

Breathtaking landscape and millennia of history. VISIT CASTELMEZZANO AND PIETRAPERTOSA WITH ZIRLIO! Two of the most beautiful villages in Italy, live
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