Metaponto is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy the sea and the warm southern sunshine, to spend a holiday full of rest and relax!

The beach is wide and sandy and equipped to service the swimmers.

Metaponto lies at the heart of the Gulf of Taranto on the Ionian coast of Basilicata and was founded in the mid-7th century BC by Greeks from Achaea, is a place rich in history where there are beautiful testimonies of civilization Magna Graecia.

Besides the sea, one of the main attractions is the Archaeological Park, where you can visit :
– The sacred area of the ancient city: with the ruins of the temples of Athena, Apollo (in Doric style both) and Aphrodite (ionic style)
– The urban area: with the remains of the Agora dedicated to Zeus, of the ancient homes and of the great semicircular theatre.
Metaponto National Archaeological Museum which, through a qualified selection of archaeological finds, exhibits the archaeology of metapontino starting from prehistoric times until the late-antique period.
Tavole Palatine: a sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Hera, where the columns of the Doric temple dedicated to this deity rise high into the sky: of the 32 original columns, after 25 centuries of history, today we can admire still 15 of them!

Metaponto with Zirlio

Dive into our sea and our history and enjoy a day of relax. VISIT METAPONTO WITH ZIRLIO! We will bring you to
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