Melfi, with an altitude of 562 m asl and its 17.776 inhabitants, lies at the foot of Mount Vulture.

It was inhabited by the Dauni and Lucanian, influenced by Lombards and Byzantines became an important center and commercial hub in the middle ages. Its location was strategic.

Norman and Swabian dominations have greatly affected the cultural heritage of the city: Frederick II made it one of his main residences, appreciating the woods of monte Vulture where he could cultivate his passion for falconry.

The beautiful castle of Melfi dominates the city, it is infact one of the most important castles of the Southern Italy: built by the Normans is now the symbol of the city.

In addition to this, Melfi is the center of gravity of the entire Basilicata’s car industry, it is here infact that FCA operates and it’s always from here that the produced cars depart for international markets.
A land of contrasts… where the spectacular scenery of the medieval village coexists with the modern landscape of a great industrial center.

Melfi's Castle

Melfi with Zirlio

A gorgeus medieval city VISIT MELFI WITH ZIRLIO! Discover a city that made history during the Middle Ages.
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