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Wisdom of the land – Saracen gardens in Tricarico

The path of water and the Saracen Gardens

LUNCH INCLUDED. An extraordinary opportunity to discover, after a thousand years, a part of the history and origin of Lucanian traditions on the verge of oblivion.

As the Sassi di Matera, a few kilometres away, the Saracen Gardens in Tricarico are a monument of poverty and rural culture.
Consisting of terraced surfaces near the walls of the ancient settlement, under the Rabata and Saracena, the gardens descend in steep terrain towards the Valley of the stream below, named Milo.
The parcels are really unique in the whole area! They are bordered by stone walls of blocks of sandstone and connected by steep stairways and by channels for irrigation of Arab origins.

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Matera with Zirlio

European Capital City 2019.


Discover a city that made so many people dream.

Melfi's Castle

Melfi with Zirlio

A gorgeus medieval city


Discover a city that made history during the Middle Ages.

Metaponto with Zirlio

Dive into our sea and our history and enjoy a day of relax.

We will bring you to the Ionian sea on the tracks of our Greek ancestors coming from Acaia!

Norman Tower - Tricarico

Walking with Normans

Tricarico is easily recognisable from a distance for his Norman Tower.

Occupied by the Normans  Tricarico became an autonomous county in 1143 and home to Comestabilia (military command) starting from 1048 because of the strategic importance that its territory had .

Traces of this ancient population can be found even today and they are evident especially in the old town center, they are visible into the urban structure of entire neighborhoods of the same historical core. It is thus no coincidence that Tricarico is called the Arab-Norman city.

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Pietrapertosa and the Lucan dolomites

Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano with Zirlio

Breathtaking landscape and millennia of history.

Two of the most beautiful villages in Italy, live the feeling of touching the sky from Lucan Dolomites mountains.

Saracena Tower - Tricarico

The Arabs’ trail

LUNCH INCLUDED. Tricarico is a unicum in the Southern Italy because of its unchanged landscape and urban structure, a testimony that has survived through centuries. Its walls, the terraced gardens, the emiforiche towers in protection of its gateways, the Rabatana gate with a pointed Islamic arch and the two districts of Rabata and Saracena, testify the long episode of Arab settlement in this town. They firstly occupied the territory with fortified border structures so that they could increase the concentration of militias employed in military attacks. Those structures then evolved into full-fledged residential neighborhoods whose characteristics have been preserved almost intact to this day.

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Ceiling right aisle of the Cathedral - Tricarico

Tricarico – Art city

LUNCH INCLUDED. Tricarico has been awarded the title of “art city” in 2015 because of its relevant artistic heritage and during this tour we will explore the most important artsy locations.

We will move our first steps in this town, which extends horizontally on a hill, slumped as a woman at rest, between the charming Lucan alleys, looking for footprints of the past, between Knights, brave accounts and bishops who left their mark.

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Fusilli pasta with local sausage meat

Tricarico Taste and Culture combo

Tricarico “Between taste and culture” is a journey that leads us to discover the wonders of this land! Not only the history, art and poetry but also culinary Excellences and genuine local products.
Craft beer, local wine, dairy and meats, olive oil, bread, Focaccia and baked cookies are only some of the goods that you will taste at the end of the cultural itinerary.

What would the culture without the taste? If you are a lover of knowledge and a gourmet, book your package now!

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Rocco Scotellaro - poet and Tricarico's former mayor

Life, places and poems by Rocco Scotellaro

An emotional journey between life, places and Rocco Scotellaro's poetry.
Rocco Scotellaro was born in the heart of Basilicata, Tricarico, in 1923. His father was a cobbler and his mother a scribe and a housewife. Rocco dies in Portici (near Naples) in 1953 when he's only 30 years old. He was a poet, a writer, a farmer and a politician, lived politics as a poet would do and he used poetry, in its noblest form, as a political tool of redemption and freedom.
The figure of Rocco is the figure of a man and a scholar of gigantic size, one of the greatest poets and intellectuals of Basilicata.

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